Get Page 1 Ranking For Your Website

Get Page 1 Ranking

For Your Website

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If not all websites and business are alike, why apply one strategy to everyone? We at websites and stores understand the importance of devising a unique strategy to each one of our campaigns. A few of the many parameters considered are as follows :

Google Compliance & Quality Content

Google_logoGoogle’s search engine is INTELLIGENT and it’s time we all accept it and stop trying to outsmart it. We know we can’t, and so we play by the rules. Ever since the enforcement of the recent Penguin and Panda updates we’ve made it a policy to adapt and work with Google’s guidelines and algorithms as the Search Engine grows.

If you still haven’t come to respect the power of genuine content, now is the time because Content IS king. We write well researched and genuinely optimised quality content that’s used across a variety of platforms and activities including Social Media and blogging. This directly helps build your SEO traffic and increases your ranking.

Website Auditing & Status Check

The first phase of Search Engine Optimisation involves going through the website’s current ranking, current level of optimisation, and evaluating the user interface. This phase also involves input from the client on the target market and industry terminology. Depending on the customer’s subscription any website issues detected during this process will be attended to and fixed.

Know Your Competitors

This phase involves analyzing competition in the market for the relevant product or service. Competition analysis is one of the most important phases in order to understand what others are doing and how to get ahead in the game.

Pick Business Generating Keywords

Generally the starting point of the SEO campaign, the Keyword Analysis & Research phase is all about finding the right keywords or key phrases that the will be targeted. Unlike most of our competitors we at Websites and Stores don’t enforce keywords onto our customers but work together to find a mutually acceptable range of keywords for the campaign.

We understand that Return of Investment is much more important that the ranking of keywords which is why we’ve always focused on business generating keywords that will maximise your returns.

Optimise Your Website

During the On Page ( On Site) Optimisation phase you can expect us to optimise most hidden elements of your website which helps Search Engines find out what each individual page is about and where it should be ranked. Website Optimisation also includes implementation of Meta Tags and Alt Tags, HTML and XML Site Maps, a blog if required along with Google Analytics and Statcounter traffic tracking codes. We also fix any issues we find with the website’s structures during this process.

Online Networking



A blog is a very powerful tool. They’re known to have both a direct and indirect influence on a website. In terms of Search Engine Optimisation if done properly blogs stimulate more search engine crawling (the more you post, the more crawls your website gets), they add more keywords to your SEO campaign and they’re also responsible to drive more organic traffic to your website.

Video Marketing


Not only are videos a great way to showcase your products and services, but they also play an important role in SEO. Let’s face it – most of us would prefer a two minute video over ten minutes of article reading. Its one of the fastest ways to get your message across and they’re extremely easy to share! Search engines keep a tab on the sharing and in turn promote websites as the video’s popularity grows.

Photo Sharing


Since popular photo sharing websites like Flickr, Pinterest and Facebook have high search volumes they’ve become platforms that search engines can’t ignore. Website owners can add hundreds of images which link back to their own website. The more popular an images, the higher the website tends to rank for keywords used as tags within these images.

Press Release Promotion


If done properly Press Release Marketing also contributes well from an SEO perspective. With the right amount of keywords and links, Press Releases attract just the right amount of attention from Search Engines. If written well they also help in catching the attention of average readers and consumers.

Social Media Marketing


Keeping in mind how well connected we all are to our favourite social media platforms, there’s a deep relationship between Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective marketing solutions that does wonders both directly and indirectly. The more ‘likes ,followers or +1’s , pins or shares’ you collect, the more popularity you are likely to gain on the SEO front.


Traffic Sources Reporting

Our monthly reports include reports on the sources of traffic that route visitors to your website. The sources are generally Direct Traffic, Referring Sites and Search Engines, as shown below.

Traffic Sources Reporting

Site Usage Reporting

The Site Usage report as part of the monthly reporting explains how well the website is doing. A high bounce rate and low average time spent on the website are indicators that the website needs attention.

Site Usage Reporting

Most Visited Pages Reporting

It’s always important to know what pages are visited most and this report tells you just that. This report helps our customers add more important information to the pages that are listed here.

Most Visited Pages Reporting

Visitor Reporting

This report gives an overall sight of the traffic on a website. The graph helps one examine and monitor effects of marketing activities that are clearly visible with the spikes in the graph below.

Visitor Reporting

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