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Creating a strong online presence with an effective Social Media marketing strategy

  • Posted on : July 8, 2014 by

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    It’s true that social media is getting bigger by the day with people spending considerable amount of their online browsing time on networking sites. As a business, it is crucial that you have a proper social media strategy to lure and engage your target customers and promote your online business.


    What you need to understand is that social media is more than getting your business visible on Facebook or creating a LinkedIn Or Twitter account. More than about networking platforms, social media is actually about an attitude of engaging with your target customers in a transparent manner and about creating an active presence in the social bubble.


    Is your current social media strategy working for you?


    Now that you have a decent number of fans and likes you need to find out if this is helping you get new subscribers and initiate conversation with new prospects. If that is not happening , you need to re-think your strategy.


    Your social media strategy needs to be perfectly aligned to your business goals. Facebook is the most popular social networking site and almost the entire world is up there. This however does not mean that you have to be where everyone else is. Simply putting up a business page on Facebook is unlikely to be of any help to your brand unless you have a well thought of social media strategy. 


    Aligned to your core values


    Every business has a set of core values that form its backbone. Make sure your social media strategy is well aligned to your goals and brand image. So, if you are a store selling only organic products, explain the reasons for setting up such a store to your customers using your chosen social media platform. Share content about how organic food can help you stay fit and healthy. 


    Stay consistent and organised


    How much content do you post and how frequently you do that matters. Ensure you research about the interests of your target audience. You may also want to create an editorial calendar that keeps a tab of all your target keywords, pops up deadlines and helps you with content formatting.


    It’s important that your audience keep receiving updates on a regular basis rather than being flooded with posts or tweets some days.


    Choose a platform that meets your business needs


    Do not choose a platform simply because everyone else is doing so. It’s important that your social media strategy is designed keeping your target audience in mind. A flower shop may benefit from being on Instagram or Pinterest where people engage in image sharing. In case you are a Law Firm creating a LinkedIn or Twitter Page would be a better idea where people can come and read about it.


    If you want to thrive, you have to be a part of the social circle!


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