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e-Commerce Is The New Way Of Selling

  • Posted on : January 9, 2014 by

    Categories: Online Marketing, Online Stores, Technology Trends

    e-commerce enables companies to have an online store. Online Stores are like virtual malls.


    e-Shopping is becoming popular among the buyers for the simple reason that it’s quick, convenient, user-friendly and saves time & money. 


    Retailing is history. Its all about e-retailing now!




    • Catalogue Mode
    • Cart Facility
    • Online Buying and Selling
    • Integrated Payment Solutions
    • And many more…


    Why should one go for an online store?


    Customers prefer to shop online – Online shopping is on the rise off late. 


    Less inventory cost, more profit margin – Online businesses have direct access to products, thereby, incurring low inventory cost and enjoying huge profit margins.


    Easy and quick analysis of customer’s buying behavior – It enables you to capture customer’s details which he is reluctant to share otherwise. This data is made available in the form of user-friendly dashboards which allows you to identify and adapt to consumers’ buying preference.


    No geographic barrier – You can attract diverse customers from all over the world whereas offline shopping limits the customer base as one would prefer visiting the nearest shopping mall.


    Web influences most offline shopping – The customer today, is more informed than ever. He likes to compare his options online before shopping offline.


    Efficient way of gifting – People prefer gifting online because it’s as convenient as wishing someone over the phone.


    Easy and simple – Online store is like your nearby superstore where you add what you like to your shopping cart and make the payment for your purchase.



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