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email-marketing-softwareAll profitable online businesses need an email marketing solution they can trust to nurture their prospects and turn leads into conversions. Professional e-mail marketing helps you to establish credibility and benefit from the quick and persistent follow-up today’s prospects demand. Our email marketing services include everything you need to send, track, and most importantly—profit—from automated e-mail marketing.

Our email marketing solution features an easy-to-use interface with advanced features that allow you to customize your email-marketing campaigns to meet your individual business’s goals and personality. With email marketing services, reaching out to your customers and prospects has never been easier!

Deep Integration with your Website

Our Email Marketing solution has the capability to integrate with your website forms. All data entered into the sign up or contact forms on your website is captured within our system. This allows you to easily target specific groups of prospects or customers with specific promotions.


Know Your Subscribers!

Our solution lets you easy manage and maintain your groups of contacts allowing you to manage your mailing lists with ease. You can create custom fields or parameters for every list allowing you to capture as much data per contact as necessary.


Customise Surveys and Feedback Forms

Our email marketing solution includes a built-in survey feature which allows you to create custom surveys and forms and link them to your email broadcasts.


Dozens of Templates to Choose From

Choose from dozens of beautifully designed email templates, to get started on your campaigns within seconds.


Campaign Tracking & Reporting

Amazingly detailed statistics available which help you focus on areas of success.


Automatic Follow-ups

The auto responding feature remembers all follow ups that need to be made and sends out emails automatically!

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