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SEO Trends 2014: All about offering a great customer experience!

  • Posted on : June 13, 2014 by

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    Here is a look at some of the trends that will dominate 2014. 


    Social Media


    Google relies a lot on what actual people are saying about your business and its products or services. Today, more and more brands are taking on to social media as a quick way to get their website content across to a mass audience and improve website traffic. Making your content sharable and encouraging comments and feedback from customers and prospects on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social media platforms is a great way to improve visibility and rankings.



    Create blog content that resonates with your customers. Also, ensure that your blog content is sharable and linked to your social media platforms so that people can provide their feedback, comment and spread the content in their network. However, be cautious of spammy and low quality guest blogs as they may do more harm than good.


    Google Authorship


    Have you noticed authorship snippets appearing beside some of the websites on search result pages? Authorship is a way of establishing the legitimacy and credibility of the content for websites and that of the authors. Businesses are gradually taking on Google Authorship more seriously. Once the author identity is verified, it is used to calculate Author rank and this has its impact on SEO rankings.


    Content Marketing


    Gone are the days when SEO strategy revolved around focussing on a handful of keywords and concentrating all efforts towards securing top ranks for them. SEO today has become synonymous with content marketing. Your website needs to have high quality content that can engage and inform users. You cannot expect to have a shabby website with mediocre or poor content and expect to rank high by simply building a few links.


    Make it Conversational


    Google’s hummingbird update focuses on conversational search to boost online customer engagement. With this the scope of gaming the system has been minimised and Google is making sure that you rank at the top only if you actually provide your customers with the best. Ensure that your website content is designed for your target customers and has useful content that excites, informs and engages them.


    Gear up for Multi device marketplace


    With people no longer restricted to their desktops for internet browsing, it is important to ensure that your website looks good in a range of devices from tablets to smartphones. Go responsive today!


    Intelligent data analysis


    No data is worth ignoring. Apart from keywords statistics, information like user location, browsing history, device used, time of the day all such signals provide you a much better audience insight.  


    Mobile website- a growing need


    With more and more visitors switching over to their smartphones for internet browsing, mobile optimisation is no longer an option but a necessity. For successful SEO, it is becoming increasingly important to design a mobile content strategy for your website. This helps you target your content as per the needs and behaviour of your mobile users. 




    Last but not the least; creating relevant and quality backlinks is something that contributes significantly to SEO rankings. Use more than one resource to extract links and carry out a detailed analysis.


    With time SEO trends may change. What remains constant is the fact that providing your customers with premium and useful content about your brand’s products and services is the key to continued SEO success. 


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