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Showrooming : A growing trend that is adversely affecting retailors globally

  • Posted on : June 25, 2014 by

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    What is showrooming?


    Have you ever tried looking for a product online and then visiting a nearby store to test its look, feel and the size that actually fits you? Showrooming is a strategy used by most online shoppers these days. It is about using the physical retail stores to browse and check out products for sizes and other suitability factors and then finally making the purchase online at the lowest prices. It is especially popular for categories as apparel, shoes, lingerie and perfumes and has become annoying for brick and mortar retailors across the globe including Australia.



    Showrooming is here to stay!


    As a retailor you must understand that there is no way that you can actually stop or defeat showrooming completely. With the world going mobile and more and more consumers having access to high speed internet on their smartphones, the showrooming trend will stay and continue to grow. Today, consumers are much more informed and have detailed product knowledge and comparative price analysis handy. Retailors and luxury brands need to examine and find out ways they can take the shopping experience to more than simply the product and price details.



    What does this mean for the numerous luxury brands in the market?


    Pricing, product availability and client servicing are some of the most important factors that retailors need to focus on so that they can effectively battle showrooming. They can help stores maintain their unique identity and secure their customer base.


    If your product prices are way too higher than your online competitors, your customers are bound to go elsewhere. Research and analyse pricing details for each of your products.


    Consumers still love touching and feeling products and making a purchase in a retail store, getting immediate possession of their purchased products. This is an area where physical retail stores score over online stores.


    Retailors need to ensure they are never out of stock and provide potential customers with no lesser choice than their online rivals out there.


    One area where luxury brands can always score over online stores is superior client servicing. Brands can try out the concierge approach in their physical stores. Loyal customers can be offered exclusive discounts and sent engaging messages over their smartphones.


    Giving your customers special care and attention pays and retailors need to catch up on these aspects fast so that they are not submerged in the showrooming wave.


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