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    Dynamics of Website Design

  • Colorful squares

    Posted on : May 22, 2014 by

    Are you looking to design a website? Here are some of the key areas you should focus on:   Design it for your audience   While designing a website, focus on what matters the most to your customers and prospects. Put yourself in the shoes of your clients, focussing on providing them easy solutions to … Continue reading Dynamics of Website Design

    What makes a good business logo?

  • ws-logo

    Posted on : April 24, 2014 by

    A great logo tells the story about your company.   Logo is an important part of any website. It is the most powerful and visible symbol of your company’s brand. A well-designed logo forms an integral part of a company’s overall marketing and branding strategy.   Let us look at the key points one should … Continue reading What makes a good business logo?

    Does your website need a redesign?

  • Website-Design

    Posted on : April 22, 2014 by

    Website Redesign : Give a Facelift to your boring old website!   Your website is essentially the first impression prospects form about your business. It is important that your website attracts a visitor at the very first look.  Let us have a look at points you should consider to decide if your website actually needs … Continue reading Does your website need a redesign?

    Is your homepage missing anything?

  • Mobile-and-desktop-website

    Posted on : February 20, 2014 by

    As they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. It doesn’t really hold true in case of a website’s homepage which is the first impression the visitor gets about your business after visiting your website. Hence a good home page design is important to keep the visitors hooked on to your website without letting … Continue reading Is your homepage missing anything?

    WordPress Adds Jazz to Website Designs

  • Wordpress added jazz to website designs

    Posted on : February 12, 2014 by

    Technology is best when it brings people together!   That’s what happened when Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg collaborated in 2003 to create what’s known as WordPress today. It started as a blog portal. Today, it’s one of the most popular Content Management System. The phenomenal success of WordPress was possible because of the contribution … Continue reading WordPress Adds Jazz to Website Designs

    Why you need a good looking website

  • Website-Design

    Posted on : January 17, 2014 by

    A good website design is not just about features and functionality but also about how captivating it is for the audience. If it’s important to attract visitors on the website, it’s equally important to engage them.  A bad design can irreversibly leave a bad impression resulting in losing some great customers.   1. Brand Image   … Continue reading Why you need a good looking website

    Importance of Website Innovation

  • Light bulb and gears. Perpetuum mobile idea concept.

    Posted on : December 12, 2013 by

    We humans have been learning to innovate since time immemorial. We have innovated and seen, the first telegraph, the first light bulb, the first car, the first plane, the first of so many things that have now become indispensable in our lives. Innovation has always been there with us, then why has it become so … Continue reading Importance of Website Innovation

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