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Shared Website Hosting

Shared Web Hosting Packages Start From $ 29.95

Shared Web Hosting is the most economical form of website and email hosting. As the name suggests it involves one server machine which is made to server dozens of websites in a shared infrastructure, where resources such as processing power ( CPU) and memory capacity (RAM)  are supplied on a first come first serve basis. 

The concept of sharing server resources helps keep costs low and it’s generally a starting point for most small websites with low traffic.

Shared Web Hosting Packages Start From $ 29.95 View Packages & Pricing

Virtual Private Server ( VPS)

Virtual Private Server Start From $ 199

A Virtual Private Server infrastructure is a big step up from a shared environment. It involves virtually splitting a powerful machine into two to three virtual partitions. Unlike Shared Web Hosting, a VPS allows for dedicated processing power (CPU) and memory capacity ( RAM) along with the allocated disk space and bandwidth. 

A VPS is suited best for medium to large websites with high traffic figures. It’s also suitable to host Web Applications that require decent processing capacity, memory and space. 

Virtual Private Server Start From $ 199

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers Start From $ 399

Dedicated Servers are ideal for mission critical websites and web applications. They’re meant to server websites with high traffic volumes, or Web Applications that require serious resources in terms of RAM, CPU, Bandwidth and Storage Space. 

Unlike both the Shared and Virtual hosting environments, resources available on a Dedicated machine are not shared amongst other websites or partitions. 

Dedicated Servers Start From $ 399

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