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Why does your website need to be Responsive?

  • Posted on : July 17, 2014 by

    Categories: Business, Website Design

    What is a Responsive website?


    By being responsive, it means that your website is coded in a way that it can adapt gracefully to any screen size. So, it doesn’t matter whether the user is browsing on his desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Your website offers a seamless experience to the user on device of any screen size. If your website plays a significant role in driving revenue for your business, it’s high time that you make it responsive or else be prepared to bear the brunt.


    Why go the Responsive way?


    How frequently have you faced this? Tried opening a website on your smartphone and saw a mini version of the desktop website. So you tried zooming in and moved your way around so that you could read the text and finally click on a button. Happens quite often right? This is not a responsive website. A site that is truly responsive looks great and offers seamless navigation whether it’s being viewed on a big desktop screen or on an iPhone.


    With more and more users having easy access to internet and high end smartphones, websites are receiving a big chunk of their traffic from mobile phones and tablets. As consumers prefer browsing the web while on the move it is highly important that your website offers them a seamless experience on their smartphones. Remember if your website takes long to load or has broken links scattered all over, your prospect will simply move on to a competitor website.


    How much does it cost to create a Responsive Design?


    Well, that is something that your website design company would be able to tell you. It basically depends on how big your website is and when was it last that you worked on your website design. In case you have a small website of 4-5 pages, it should not cost you more than a few hundred dollars. But, if you have a quite old website that’s big and the design has not been touched upon in the last few years, a total overhaul may be required. For this you may have to shell out a few thousand dollars.


    So, what are you waiting for? Internet is no longer restricted to desktops and laptops. With the world going mobile and users browsing the net using devices of various screen sizes, a responsive website design is something you definitely cannot ignore.


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